Exploring the unique protected landscape of Lonjsko polje, one of Europe’s largest wetlands, is planned through a network of entry-points, visitor centres and observatories placed within the nature park. Lonjsko polje goes through radical changes over the course of a year – the rivers flood after winter, rendering the plains into a sequence of shallow liquid mirrors in which fish breed in spring. The retracting waters leave little swarming lakes – a feast for the many bird species. After the rivers return to their course, the vast grassy plains are the reign of livestock which roam freely. The many transient species move and travel through this untouched landscape: watching them in their natural element is a privilege which begins with a respectful dialogue of careful interventions.

The Osekovo visitor centre samples rural morphologies, creating a new social focus, and tells the stories of the flora, fauna and cultural heritage. It repeats the scales of surrounding rural morphologies, placing an info-point and administration in one house, an exhibition and auditorium in the other. The two buildings frame a communal square defined by deep trapezoid porticos and denivelations, initiating a focus of rural communal life. The exhibition presents the unique, centuries old coexistence of wild and grown plants, birds, endemic domestic species, and a cultural heritage which grew from a symbiotic relationship of an everchanging landscape and communities synchronizing their way of life with it. This complex ecosystem is interpreted through a combination of analogue interactive exhibits, digitally told stories, sculptural fragments and tactile reliefs, condensing a varied sensorial introduction before embarking on a visit to the vast wetland.

Arhitektura: roth i čerina (Mia Roth i Tonči Čerina, suradnici: Tajana Jaklenec, Larisa Čišić, Luka Fatović, Neven Vlahović)

Produkt dizajn: Clinica studio (Vedran Kasap i Ozana Ursić)

Grafički dizajn: Niko Mihaljević

Interaktivni dizajn: Vanja Cuculić

Skulptura: Borna Demel

Ilustracija: Franka Tretinjak

Multimedia: Novena

Statika: BB Structuralis

Izvoditelji: Binđo + Vios + Pegra, Primat RD

Investitor: Javna ustanova Park prirode Lonjsko polje

Godina projektiranja: 2013.-2020.

Godina izvedbe: 2020.-2021.

Fotografije: Marko Mihaljević


prizemlje / informacije i dvorana // ground floor / info-point and community hall

uredi i izložba // offices and exhibition


perspektivni presjek 1 // perspective section 1


perpsektivni presjek 2 // perspective section 2

aksonometrija // axonometric

mreža centra i vidikovaca // center and obseratory network